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Parison is a leading manufacturer specializes in providing testing solutions to the diverse
semiconductor industries. We designs and fabricates Kelvin and non-Kelvin test sockets
for high performance applications onto a small socket footprint with Pitch requirements
as small as 0.35mm.

Our unique C-Pin Contactor technology uses a highly precise manufacturing technique
that ensures excellence in all our test sockets. Our contactors maintain the optimum
life cycle and constantly outperform numerous other industry technologies providing
far greater number of contacts under rugged conditions.

Our solutions support the growing market needs for fine-pitch with high performance.
Our quality products have often led to space and cost-saving solutions to our clients.

With the significant innovations in our R & D sector, we continuously provide new
solutions for the growing needs of present and future Kelvin and non-Kelvin testing.

Parison supports a large clientele from China, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines,
Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan and United States of America.

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Parison Test Sockets for :
Wafer Probe
(Wafer Bump &
BGA Devices)
Turret Handler
Manual Socket
Gravity Feed
Pick & Place
Flexible circuit